Highlight Moment of March-Guangdong Shuowei Factory No. 2 grandly opened, embarking on a new journey!

Highlight Moment of March-Guangdong Shuowei Factory No. 2 grandly opened, embarking on a new journey!

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On March 18, 2024, the second factory of Guangdong Shuowei Technology Co., Ltd. grandly opened in Dalingshan, Dongguan. Chairman of Shuowei Gaobo and General Manager Ma Wenhong attended the ribbon-cutting ceremony.

The development of Shuowei – China’s first three-proof 360° rotation-flat protective case R&D company

In 2011, we established Guangzhou Huiyi Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. in Guangzhou. The development team of 3 people focuses on 3C consumer and intelligent peripheral products.

In 2014, the first self-owned production line was established in Foshan, and successfully developed China’s first 360° rotating three-proof tablet protective case. It also recruited front-line employees and quality management personnel to lay a solid foundation for the company’s future development.

In 2021, Guangzhou Huiyi Electronic Technology entered the field of intelligent manufacturing and invested 15 million to establish Guangdong Shuowei Technology Co., Ltd. As a one-stop comprehensive service provider integrating R&D, molds and production, Guangdong Shuo is the world’s first 360° rotating high-transparent flat protective case manufacturer.

Guangdong Shuowei is located in the beautiful Daling Mountain of Dongguan. The factory covers a total area of 15,000 square meters and is equipped with a first-class design and R&D team of 26 people, 46 management personnel, and more than 160 front-line employees.

Guangdong Shuowei integrates R&D, production and sales, focusing on military-grade tablet protective cases. The company has first-class production equipment and mature production technology, and can realize large-scale production from product research and development, mold processing, automated injection molding, spray processing, finished product assembly, etc.

The company has been committed to independent research and development and innovation, and has continuously developed a series of three-proof protective cover products. It has more than 300 patents at home and abroad, and has obtained certifications from international authoritative organizations such as ISO9001, 14001, 45001, ROHS, BSCI and CE, and its products have obtained US military certification.

Guangdong Shuowei Factory No. 2 – Thank you for your love, we arrived as promised

Guangdong Shuowei is committed to providing customers with high-quality products and excellent services that not only meet their needs, but also exceed their expectations.

In early 2024, in order to accelerate its core competitiveness advantages, Guangdong Shuowei increased investment in equipment and R&D, established a Dongguan R&D center, established a second branch manufacturing center and assembly center, and is committed to building a sustainable three-proof protection e-commerce brand.

Guangdong Shuowei Factory 1 and 2 will provide customers with more high-quality and efficient three-proof protection products with a broader production space, more advanced production equipment, and a more rigorous quality management system, and move towards the goal of a century-old enterprise.

Behind success is gratitude

After more than ten years of development, the team has overcome obstacles and pioneered and innovated. We now have 1 electronic technology sales company and 2 three-proof protection R&D and production factories.

This is inseparable from the efforts of every member of the team. It is their hard work and professionalism that contribute to Shuowei’s success. At the same time, we would like to thank our partners and suppliers. Their support and trust are an important guarantee for Shuowei to be where it is today!